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Bakugo x Reader Lemon ♡ I'll Be Rough ♡ Random bakugo is daddy k bye ♡ I'll Be Rough ♡ 114K 1.1K 583 by sinfulouma ☆ sO I didnt have a backstory like I normally do in the beginning of my lemons so the lemon starts here🍋☆ Reader *Rough Lemon* 8.9K 119 335 by fullmoonlight65 僕のヒーローアカデミア(My Hero Academia) Dabix Captured! Reader *Rough Lemon* (Warning! This contains naughty content and foul language!) The League of Villains attacked U.A but this time managed to capture more than one person. No one knows what their motives are this time but it wasn't good.

All characters are 18+, this starts in 3rd year of UA. Possible spoilers, doesn't directly follow the anime or manga. This book WILL contain: Violence, language and detailed smut. There will be a lot of smut. If you like detailed smut, most likely rough too, and with a bit of fluff then this is the book for you. 1 Time 6m Start reading sinfulouma Ongoing First published Dec 02, 2018 bakugo is daddy k bye All Rights Reserved Table of contents Last updated Dec 05, 2018 ♡ I'll Be Rough ♡ is updated Content Guidelines Report this story You may also like Katsuki Bakugo x Reader ️ ( lemon 🍋) 4 parts Complete

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SUMMARY Was it just attraction? The magnetic pull between you and your Corporal was something that tormented you for so long. Your body aches for his touch, for his embrace, for his affection. But will you concede to your desires to be loved by your Heichou?

works consist of the reader being either male, non-binary or female. works might also include references of mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, abuse and/or self harm. those will always be labeled as angst or (a). i know these are some really fucking heavy topics, but i also know that when someone is hurting from something like.

92.3K Views Ok, first, a heads up. Some swearing. (F/N) does not mean fuck no. It means friend's name. (Y/N) is your name. Just mentally input the names into those things. (C/N) is crush's name. (F/a) is favourite animal. (H/c) means hair color. Etc. This applies to all of my stories with the reader in it. I think u guys get the gist.

48.8K Views. You wake up out of you lovely dream of a hot teacher you like at school to the silent morning as the sun shines in your {e/c} eyes through your window, seeing the leaves on the tree half gone or near dead brings a smile on your face with it being your favourite month of the year. You love how the bare trees look covered in snow and.

This book is an AU of BNHA/My Hero Academia, where All Might didn't get injured and is the same age as Aizawa and Fat Gum as well as a few other characters. One day during a terrorist attack on the city, chaos ran amuck for two days straight. The aftermath left some people without friends, families, homes and orphans.

10 Comments 58K Views A/N: ( (… )) The partial idea of this fanfiction was derived from neko-chansaysnyaa's lemon ^w^ I was never able to express how good your fanfic was but I will now. It shaped my whole standard on lemons since it was my very first lemon read, lmao. ****

The voice came from close behind you and you smiled, knowing you had him conquered. Dragging you by your hips from your cleaning spot. He bent down, turned you over and slung you effortlessly over your shoulder.*. Bucky takes it upon himself to cure his girls insomnia in the only way he knows how.

(Lemon!) Levi x Reader - Rougher is better, an attack on titan/進撃の巨人 fanfic | FanFiction (Lemon!) Levi x Reader - Rougher is better By: KurooUsagii-chan Levi is not the kind of guy who would kiss your tears away as he rams himself inside of you, neither is he the kind of guy to restrain himself to help you out.

Glamrock Freddy x Reader Lemon ghostiesgf. Notes: if you're here from tiktok just lemme say heyyyy gimme a follow:. "Tonight's performance was a little bit rough on Freddy tonight." They informed you, "During the show Freddy stopped performing at times. He would just kind of stand there, almost like he was lost in thought.


bucky barnes one shot. bucky one shot. the winter soldier angst. the winter soldier one shot. the winter soldier smut. After dating Bucky for 6 months, you remember the first time he confessed his love to you at one of Starks famous parties in front of the team. Total fluff and implied sexual content.

[ yandere!senpai x reader ] [ reader-insert ] Eres una adolescente de 17 años rozando los 18 que junto a tu familia se mudan a un barrio mas rico, en la secundaria privada a la que vas ahora atraes la atención de varios chicos y solo uno capta realmente la tuya. Fiery Infatuation [Yandere! Male! Azula] 76 pages Completed April 24, 2018 calliope

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Creepypasta | Reader BEN Drowned | Fanfiction Romance Inexplicable Allure Ben Drowned Lemon Scary Death X Reader. "Stop struggling will you," a low demonic voice murmured, and his red pupils flashed to your neck, and he leaned forward, tenderly placing his lips into the crook of your neck. You twisted your neck and arms, trying to shake him off.

Fantasy Romance Arranged Marriage Love Teacher Student High School. Dakota is a senior at South Florence High School and had a somewhat good life until one day her parents tell her she is to be married to a man. A 24 year old man. One she hates and also calls Mr. Butler, her English teacher. Fiery Infatuation [Yandere!

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