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115 Stories Sort by: Hot # 1 Fiery passion by Bryan Stone 211K 3K 22 Rwby x male yang reader rwbyxmalereader anime rwbyfanfic +3 more # 2 Beast Mode (RWBY harem X grimm mal. by THE AWESOME PYRO 220K 2.4K 13 [Discontinued] Sorrow's Road (Abused Male Reader X RWBY) 394K 5.2K 99 In the beginning they were the perfect Family You got Love, Care, and so much more Until they stopped. and now? Now you get Sorrow, Hate, Pain, and wounds that'll never heal. Completed Mature Remnants Faker (RWBY x Male Reader) 430K 8.9K 61

The True Grimm King (ruby x male r. by Admin 11.6K 171 34 You were a young boy with an extremely powerful aura, not aura that protects you, but arua that surrounded you. This aura scared off many grimms, and even made some weak. ruby fanfiction rubyxmalereader +7 more # 3 Sonic the Hedgehog (Male! Sonic! R. by No Name 57.8K 814 19 941 Parts 21 Time 5h 47m Start reading gridcz1 Complete First published May 10, 2020 Mature Y/N Belladonna lived a normal life with his loving family. When he turned 10 he decided to go on the path of music and leaves his family. That's when he meets a certain bunny faunus.

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The Wanderer (Ruby Rose X Male Reader) Reaper AceMaxMccan Legends are our greatest mysteries. Are they real or not? Ruby loves legends, in fact, Yang would often read them to her before bed. When legends are introduced in a class, Ruby decides to pull out her story-books again. But how will she react when she finds out they're true?

This is an x-reader I've wrote, written, and am writing. It has only female characters and NO I am NOT taking requests! The reader is often described/depicted as female. Stories are for lesbians, bisexuals, pansexuals, but you could change up a few details and make it genderless reader (probably). (Grimm RWBY Harem X Male Reader).

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Chapter 1: Revenge - (Weiss X Male Reader) Published On: August 14, 2020. WEISS'S POV. Y/N and I have been dating now for two years after meeting on our first day at Beacon, we ended up on the same team along with Blake Belladonna and Pyrrha Nikos. Together we formed Team Y/N.B.P.W with Y/N as our leader.

A True Warrior Volume 1 Ch.1 (RWBY X Male Reader) Add to Favourites Comment By PhantomMaster18 Watch Published: Nov 20, 2018 52 Favourites 9 Comments 6.5K Views Hello Folks! It's PhantomMaster18 here with the First Chapter of A True Warrior This is going to be simultaneously published with Fairy Tail. Legend (Y/N) - Your Name (F/C) - Favorite Color

While the both of you are doing that, Yang grabbed your crotch with her strong arm giving it a squeeze. Making you moan in your kiss. The both of you continue this until you broke apart, needing for fresh air. Yang used both of her hands to grab your shirt and with one move she ripped your shirt off.

(Y/N) is a 17 yr old boy who's accidentally mutated with the power of electricity. (Y/N) was in a world full of infected (from Prototype), making him the only survivor, and who is on the hunt to kill the man who made him this way, Alex Mercer.

Male! Reader x RWBY Fanfiction. Just some simple RWBY x Male! Reader Inserts. Hope you like. It's mostly Songfic, but I'll do some one-shots sooner or later. #blake #cinder #coco #emerald #male #nora #pyrrha #reader #ruby #rwby #salem #velvet #weiss #yang

A/n: Wanted to try writing something different. I don't know how well this is going to do, but hey it's good to try new things. This is a tie in to my previous Parent (Y/n) story which for deviantart users you can find using this link: ,RRequest: Never Again Huntsman Parent Reader X YangA/n: This was Requested to me by mystic-mountain And for Wattpad people you can just go back a chapter.

Cheater Team RWBY x Male Reader x. by Sukachay. 143K 1.3K 24. Title says it all, I'll try to update as often as I can. RWBY belongs to RoosterTeeth DDLC belongs to TeamSalvato You belong to yourself. Have fun reading! #964 in fanf. weissschnee; romance; xreader +16 more # 18. Roses and Demons by LycanKing777666. 1K 5 12. This is not an Oc.

The first episode of our RWBY: Male!Reader X Ruby Rose. Just a quick short note, RWBY Chibi: Male|Reader Insert will be less updated beginning today so I could focus completely on the story. But if you guys just really, really love it, just comment down on the comment section below if you want me to try and make it up for it . So, Thank you.

Fem! Fox Alistair x Male Reader 4 pages September 3, 2019 Jerico RWBY | Fox Alistair Reader | Fanfiction Romance Short Stories Xmalereader Hey ya guys, I know its not Literature Friday yet but I am just so excited from my first X male reader story I finished. Its in second pov so its "You". I might make more of these if ya guys l. Rare moments

A RWBY Fanfiction One-shot. Male Reader x Yang Xiao Long . Key: (Y/N) Your name (F/C) Favorite Color (F/F) Favorite food (H/C) Hair Color. Italics means you're thinking. Yang is wearing the outfit she wears in the first 3 volumes of RWBY. In this story you are a student at Signal Academy. You are in the process of creating your weapon which.

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