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avengersxreader avengers marvel tonystark steverogers buckybarnes natasharomanoff captainamerica avengersfanfiction ironman thor marvelxreader clintbarton brucebanner blackwidow loki peterparker lokixreader xreader lokilaufeyson 588 Stories Sort by: Hot # 1 Another Universe: Loki x Fem!reader by Anna || they/them 1.1M 43.7K 40 avengers captainamericaimagine steve +10 more # 3 Forgetful [Yan!Marvel x Child!Read. by Joey-San☺︎︎ 76.4K 1.9K 20 Child!Reader x Yandere!Marvel Who would have thought that one of the avengers meeting a child would have changed the whole outcome of the war that they were facing. Will. kny child reader +18 more # 4

Avengers Team & Reader Avengers Team/Reader Steve Rogers & Reader James "Bucky" Barnes & Reader Tony Stark & Reader Natasha Romanov & Reader Peter Parker & Reader Thor & Reader Wanda Maximoff & Reader Pietro Maximoff & Reader Stephen Strange & Reader Clint Barton & Reader Loki (Marvel) & Reader Sign me up See a recent post on Tumblr from @nicoline1998enilocin about avengers x reader. Discover more posts about marvel x reader, avengers imagine, marvel x male reader, mcu x reader, marvel smut, marvel fanfiction, and avengers x reader.

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Avenger Reader (Marvel) - Works | Archive of Our Own 1 - 20 of 603 Works in Avenger Reader (Marvel) Works Bookmarks ← Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 … 30 31 Next → Stolen Kisses by buckyknits Marvel Cinematic Universe, Bucky Barnes - Fandom Mature No Archive Warnings Apply F/M Complete Work 21 Sep 2023 No Archive Warnings Apply

But it was loud enough to where Tony could hear. "Fine, but you gotta cook fore the team tonight." Tony replied, he couldn't cook well, but he could, he just wanted out of kitchen duty. "Yay!" You sleepily rejoiced. Tony then picked you up bridle style, and walked out of your room, down the hall, and to the elevator.

# 1 Avenger's Chatroom by Lady Emily Laufeyson 58.1K 2.4K 22 Just some random chatrooms! Avengers x reader and also specific characters x reader. Requests are welcome! buckybarnes avengers chatroom +16 more # 2 Alone by Mr. Aaron 23.2K 1.1K 13 Peter Parker is a normal teen boy, who just happens to be Spider-man. and is trans.

Avengers x Male!Reader. 37.1K 293 15. by Lexia-Stark. "Hey everyone, this is Y/N. He's a new Avenger and I want everyone to treat him nicely." Phil sighed at the last part and left. "I never expected Phil to act calm around Steve." Tony scoffed. "Well, Y/N," Natasha started.

Avengers X Reader • The Secret Asset 83.9K 1.8K 10 COMPLETED: This is a short story that would've been part of my one-shot book, had it been smaller XD ------ (Y/N) has just escaped from HYDRA, and now she's landed herself on SHIELD's radar. Bucky is there to protect her from anything and so takes her to an unlikely ally to help keep her safe.

# 1 Outlander by sha 478K 15.4K 46 Enter the thrilling world of Rivia Jones, a brilliant surgeon at the height of her career. But her life takes a wild turn when she suddenly finds herself transported to. Completed ironman drstrange action +21 more # 2 The Wings of the Broken (Avengers. by Brilliant Book Lover 206K 4.5K 36

Avengers x Male! Reader [Discontinued] 147 pages Completed March 21, 2021 inactive Captain America Avengers | Reader Clint Barton Tony Stark Steve Rogers Natasha Romanoff | Fanfiction Romance Science Fiction Hulk Thor Hawkeye Iron Man Black Widow X Male Reader Avengers X Male Reader.

124 pages March 31, 2020 Kayla Captain America Winter Soldier Avengers | Wanda Maximoff Pietro Maximoff | Fanfiction Fantasy Humor Chat Marvel Chatroom Thor Avenger Vision Hawkeye Black Widow Loki Bucky Barnes Just some casual texts between the avengers during meetings and bored times.

253 Stories Sort by: Hot # 1 MCU | Seven Minutes in Heaven by MarvelAddict 162K 3.2K 8 It's a hot midsummer day and you have nothing to do when you receive an Emergency Alert from Tony Stark himself to meet at the tower. Turns out everyone else got it too. Completed hulk romance drstephenstrange +14 more # 2 Tolerate it by AngelReputation

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Masterlist - Avengers x reader. This list includes any fics that have 3 or more characters as focal characters (I'll probably miss some of the old ones): Salty and Sweet - (7.9k words) A group vacation brings you to the beach with the Avengers. Loki isn't the biggest fan, but you help him to have fun on his vacation anyway. (ler!Loki)

Avengers x forgotten reader Add to Favourites By TheG-girl2020 Published: Jan 8, 2017 178 Favourites 4 Comments 43.7K Views They never noticed how much you impacted them. Like the saying goes you don't know what you have until it's gone. You worked with earth's mightiest heroes as their well almost everything except leader and JARVIS.

The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types Relationships: Sam Wilson/Reader Steve Rogers/Reader James "Bucky" Barnes/Reader Tony Stark/Reader Bruce Banner/Reader Loki Laufeyson/Reader Clint Barton/Reader Vision/Reader thor Odinson/reader Pietro Maximoff/Reader natasha Romanoff/reader Wanda Maximoff/Reader Characters: Sam Wilson Steve Rogers

274K 6.1K 20 Amber was previously born in a nice loving home. When she was about 2 weeks old, she was kidnapped to be experimented on. Little did she know she would no longer be a normal cat. One day Hydra made a grave mistake and 005 (Amber) escaped. Only to end up god knows where! Would she survive on her own, or will she be.

Just A Maid [Avengers x Ignored!Reader] Part 1 Add to Favourites Comment By avengerstrash Published: Jul 29, 2018 47 Favourites 0 Comments 15.1K Views If you aren't noticed for hard work, You'll be noticed when it isn't there. You were just a maid to them, someone dismissed with a wave of a hand.

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Avengers x Reader It was awfully quiet in the living room of Stark Tower. The Avengers were either watching television, reading, or getting drunk (in Tony's case). They could not find any topic to talk about. So they just settled and waited in silence, until something interesting finally happened.

Doctor Who The Avengers | Reader | Fanfiction Short Stories Fandoms You X Various Prompts Various Canon Sherlock Supernatural. Every story, every show, every movie has their own universe. One in with it's story takes place. Each so different and intriguing. Each so unique and special. Not one is the same.

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