While no one ever hopes to be injured in an accident, it still happens and it can leave you and your loved ones in deep financial trouble. If you are injured, you have several options to be compensated for damages but it starts with choosing a personal injury attorney. More often than not, your attorney will negotiate a settlement so you can avoid ever taking the matter to court. In fact, approximately 95% of injury cases will be settled outside of court.

Choosing the personal injury attorney is essential if you want to get good results. So what happens if your attorney lets you down and you realize you need to move on and seek legal counsel elsewhere? If you have reached the point in your legal relationship where you believe that you need to find another attorney, there are few steps you should take.You must start by reviewing the agreement that you signed.  This will help you determine what may happen if you do decide to stop using that attorney.  Will there be any payments that you must take care of?  What steps of action must you take in order to fire the attorney?  All of this should be outlined in the agreement that you signed when you first started working with the attorney.

Always be sure to notify your attorney in writing of your intent to terminate the contract.  As you work on drafting the letter, you should always put the date of termination within it.  Doing so will take away any confusion.  The attorney will know exactly when you are done with his or her services.  Always keep a copy of the letter for yourself.  Send your attorney’s copy through certified mail so that you have proof of receipt.

Take the time to notify the courts as well.  If your case is going to trial, or you have started the process of working with the courts, they need to be aware of the change.  They may need to dismiss the old attorney or they may even need to halt the case to give you time to find new legal representation.  You should never assume that the attorney will tell the court that they are not working on the case anymore.  Therefore, take care of this on your own and contact the courts.

You will need to obtain copies of your case file.  This is your property if you have paid for the services that the attorney provided for you.  Contact the attorney’s office and let them know that you would like your file.  Your new attorney will need to have this information to get caught up on what has been going on with the case, and where it is at now.  Keep in mind that they will not give this to you if you have not paid for services.

In the end, you might not want to fire your attorney because you may be concerned that it is only going to cause your case to take longer.  However, individuals should consider the fact that they may not win their case at all if they are dealing with an attorney that is not doing the job.  For the best results, hire an experienced personal injury attorney in New York with good reviews and a reputation for settlement success.