Design A Wand

Design A Wand. A magical lesson perfect for your witches and wizards! The visual design for a wand of paralysis is my favorite (even if it gives me the jibblies), evoking a sense of aberrant tentacles wrapping around a brain to restrict bodily movement as they contract and invade. We have been making wands since 2014, and we have had the opportunity to sell and create over 3,000 wands that have been sent throughout the world. Step 1, collect a suitable stick or twig. What types of designs do you like? Our goal is to provide top quality wands at affordable prices because we believe everyone deserves to experience the magic of owning their very own wand. Some wands are plain but others, such as hermione granger's, have designs on the rest of the wand. How are d&d 5e wands used? Special requests we do accept special requests, for. The food chooses the wizard.

Crafting a wand takes one day for each 1,000 gp in its base price. Come and create ur harry potter movie magical wand. No project is too small and design consultations start as low as $99.00. Crafting your wand with magical materials. Special requests we do accept special requests, for. Start off by selecting which magic you want your wand to use and then select the different components to make it as personal and unique to you as you wish! What types of designs do you like? All those sort of things create a disturbance which will take away from the eventual power of your magic wand.