Baja Designs Squadron Pro Vs Sport

Baja Designs Squadron Pro Vs Sport. Connection is plug and play using the tacoma kit. Oh and this little bugger, their moistureblock. Although similar in aesthetics to the squadron pro, the application for the sport varies. Sae is more money and has less lumens. All video was shot on a samsun. I chose to go with the sports over the pros mainly because i thought the sports might pass enough for regular fog light use, but also because they were more reasonably priced. This means we get a wider spread and longer distance. Are the ss3 a better more ridged mount. I have squadron pros in my fogs, he has squadron sports. Going to replace my factory led fogs with either the diode dynamics ss3 pros or baja designs squadron sae pocket light kit.

Looks like the ss3 mounts exactly like factor while the bd is mounted with the same style brackets as the universal mount brackets. Baja designs 2950 norman strasse. I have squadron pros in my fogs, he has squadron sports. I have a friend who works for baja designs. Ad read customer reviews & find best sellers. I installed some baja designs squadron sport fog lights a while back. I'm happy to help provide some information between the squadron sport and squadron pro. Would it make sense to go with sae and pay more or go with sport.